Your Bobbin helmet is here to protect you but there are few things to consider to make sure it can do it’s job well.

  • Avoid unnecessary impacts: it can weaken helmets over time.
  • Avoid extreme heat: glue is a component of your helmet and doesn’t like high temperatures.
  • Avoid spray paint and solvents: These can break down the glue too. If you want to decorate your helmet, you can always use stickers!
  • When cleaning your helmet, use mild detergent and tepid water. Dishwashers are a no-go as is bleach and very warm water.
  • Let it air dry and avoid leaving it on a heater.
  • If you had a crash, you will need to replace your helmet: They are designed and tested to withstand one major impact. Some damage can be hard to detect so if you are in doubt, best to replace it.