This is it, you are now the proud owner of a Bobbin bike. Here are a few things to consider to make sure it will be your reliable wheeled companion for a long time to come.

Storing your bike:

  • Bikes are not happy in very humid conditions, so try to keep it in a well-ventilated space, ideally inside. Moisture on the bike can cause rusting/discolouration on some parts.  Wicker baskets do also not fair well if they are often in wet conditions.
  • Full exposure to the sun can also be problematic on some plastic parts and create discoloration.
  • If locking your bike, take care that the lock does not rub/knock your bike frame.


Maintaining your bike:

  • Make sure your tyres are always well inflated. Check the PSI written on the side of the tyres.
  • Once a month it’s worth lubricating your chain and checking the state of the derailleur, if you have one.
  • On junior bikes, make sure the stabilisers are still well attached. Movement can loosen screws.
  • Check your brakes are still working properly and tighten the cables or change the pads if necessary.
  • Once a month check your handlebars, wheel nuts, and other components that make work loose. Tighten as necessary.
  • For more detailed information, please refer to your owner’s manual provided with your bike.

Cleaning your bike:

  • Use some soft detergent and apply frame polish (or car wax) afterwards to keep its shine going.